Client Education

Prior To Each Session

In preparation of your treatment it is best to place yourself in a quiet room where you will not be interrupted. While it is not necessary, we would prefer that you are in a place where you can lie down. For the session to be most effective be sure to have a hands free phone or a speaker phone at your disposal. To optimize your treatment do not be next to electrical equipment when you are getting your energetic correction.

During Your Energetic Optimization Session

Throughout your energy treatment we will ask a series of questions which will be designed to get you congruent with your objectives and goals. These questions will establish what ideas, thoughts, concepts, behavioral patterns and belief systems represent your current energetic profile. This information will identify what ideas you are congruent with and which ones you are not. The ones you are not congruent with, we will work towards making the energetic correction so that you become congruent with those ideas, thoughts and more. Once you become totally congruent with these concepts on the deepest of levels, these beliefs will become your new reality. The results can be permanent, profound and life changing.

After Your Session

An energetic correction session can leave you tired in the immediate hours following the treatment. When we accomplish large corrections that are deeply rooted in a person’s field, it is common to experience exhaustion. You experience this because your entire energetic blueprint is adjusting to the changes that have just been made.

This is all completely natural and part of the process. Feelings of exhaustion are not as common with smaller corrections, however we advise that our clients drink a lot of water after their treatments. This enables you to take the energetic correction more easily and in less time. Even if you do not experience exhaustion after your session it is important to understand that you are realizing a dramatic change and shift in your energetic blueprint. Often it takes up to 12 to 24 hours for a session to make its way through a person’s system.

When someone has many layers that need to be corrected, often multiple sessions are necessary to achieve the desired outcome. There is no way to tell how many sessions are necessary to reach your objectives, however from very early on in the process you should start to experience positive changes which will indicate that the corrections are starting to work. Once you are totally congruent with attaining all of your goals, you should start to see the changes in your every day life.

Personalized Daily Manifestation Protocol

Almost anything you can think of, you can manifest… if you can envision it, you can manifest it. Our energetic healers will develop a customized manifestation protocol for you so that you can channel your desires and reinforce the energetic corrections put in place in the initial phase of your healing.

All of us are powerful manifestors. To achieve the most profound results in the shortest amount of time you will need a committed regiment of manifesting daily. Therefore, we recommend that after you get congruent with your desires and complete your series of energetic corrections that you accelerate and support your new energetic profile with a customized manifestation protocol. Each program is designed specifically for you and your needs. Your program is based off the goals established in your energetic optimization sessions and is a very powerful tool to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Guided Manifestation Sessions

Completing a series of guided manifestations with an energy healer, who is an expert at using manifestation and imagery techniques, after the establishment of your personalized manifestation protocol will strengthen and lessen the time it takes to achieve your desired results. Depending upon the reinforcement needed to optimize your healing, you may request these facilitated sessions anywhere from twice a month to up to five times a week. The guided and facilitated manifestations with our energy healers will compliment and reinforce your daily practice.

All Of Our Sessions Are Accomplished Via Distance

All of our sessions are accomplished remotely via the phone or internet. Since you make the corrections and we identify what corrections need to made, the treatments are just as effective when we are 5000 miles away from each other, as they would be if we were in the same room together. For this reason, we are able to work with people all over the world.


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