Light Guided Quantum Energy Healing

My name is Andrew Breznick. I am an energy healer who is fully committed to doing everything I can to help my clients to heal on the very deepest levels. To work towards this goal,  I utilize a proprietary distance healing technique that is designed to quickly identify and then permanently resolve the true underlying energetic factors that are causing a person to feel the way they do and or prevents a person from healing and or being well.

My work is based off the understanding that when people get/have/experience energetic imbalances, spiritual disharmony, unhealthy thought  patterns and more; they often experience negative emotional, physical and spiritual symptoms.

The WONDERFUL NEWS is that when I have helped facilitate the elimination of these imbalances with my other clients, the vast majority of them Start To Feel Well ! ! !

Specifically, I have helped others with:

I am here to work towards quickly identifying and then permanently resolving the true underlying causes of whatever it is that you are experiencing. From there, I will give you with additional information and tools that you can utilize and incorporate into your life on a daily basis. The end result can be life transforming.

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